This is a great way to get acquainted and to share with you some extraordinary historical events that are taking place right now, even as we speak.

I’m sure you read the newspaper, watch TV and are interested in some events that may affect all of us. I have been a student of ancient and modern history, particularly about the countries of the Middle East. I would like to take you on a brief journey and look at some of the modern nations that are mentioned in the Holy Scripture.

Iran and Iraq were once a major part of the ancient Babylonian empire. At one time they were a world wide empire and ruled a major portion of the known world. In today’s current events, Iraq is a subdued country with most of its military power defeated. They are like an animal that has been sorely beaten. They still have a potential power that will very soon be restored. When the time is ripe and events settle, they will once again rise to dominate power and become a major force in the events that are predicted in the Bible.

Iran is still a major force in the political and military forces of today. They will continue as a force in the region. They will become a part of a confederacy that will rise up against Israel. Iran is not a force that is a threat to the western world today. They live in the shadows and are biding their time until they will unite with other nations to become a great force.

Egypt has also had many ups and downs over the course of history. The future shows them as once again arising to power as a nation. They will become a part of a United Arab Confederation that will join together as a major threat to the country of Israel.

Israel has been forced to defend herself against three different attacks led by Egypt and other Moslem countries. Libya is currently involved in a shooting war with Egypt. No one knows the outcome of this conflict.

All of these nations will continue to be in great stress until they are in the correct position for the final war of the end times known as the great battle of Armageddon. This battle will battle will be the great climactic war that will bring to an end many struggles with each other and it will all fit into God’s great master plan of the Ages.