Sometime in the early 1980’s the churches of Sacramento had a special meeting. It was called a Sword of the Lord Conference. Two of the great preachers of America attended. One of them was John R. Rice from Murphysboro, TN. He was a great preacher and a renowned author and editor of a national newspaper called the Sword of the Lord. The other man was Dr. Jack Hyles from Hammond, IN. At that time he was the pastor of the largest Baptist church in the United States. These two men were both great preachers and they would pack in large crowds of people every where they would go.

I had met both of those men several times. I was always extremely happy to hear them preach.

My wife and I had a beautiful Siamese cat that had some very beautiful kittens. As we were listening to Dr. Hyles preach his first message in the Sacramento Municipal Auditorium my wife said we should see if Dr. Hyles would like to have one of our kittens. I was flabbergasted and said we could never do that. My wife insisted and said she would go ask him if he would like one. Dr. Hyles talked to her and was very gracious and impressed by her. He said his youngest daughter had just lost her pet cat and he would be happy to accept our offer.

Now the problem comes of shipping a kitten back to Hammond, IN from Sacramento, CA. We had to purchase an expensive pet travel cage and have it ready by the next day. A very kind and faithful lady in our church helped us buy the travel cage. The next day we brought the kitten in the cage and paid for the travel expense so the kitten could go home with Dr. Hyles.

Later on we found out hat his daughter loved the little kitten and named it Calie after the name of the state of its birth.

The scriptures say that sometimes God moves in strange and wonderful ways. Isn’t it wonderful that God can move in a woman’s heart in Sacramento, CA and become a blessing and encouragement in a young woman’s life in Hammond, IN.?

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