A recent news report that was broadcast over all the major networks of the United States stated that the earths population had just passed the 7 billion mark of inhabitants. That is a staggering number and it is very difficult for the average person to think in numbers that high. I am not a mathematician but I believe many men and women of great scientific minds have come to a conclusion that this earth is rapidly growing in population almost at an astronomical rate.

When we look at history over the last two thousand years we see some events that have slowed down the population expansion. During the first century A.D. the estimate of the population was about 1,200,000 people. That figure grew at a fairly common rate until the last 1900 years when there were great wars that slaughtered millions of people and there were great famines that caused many to die. The earths population continued to grow but these recurring events of war, famine and disease held it in a somewhat balanced growth.

With the 20th century the improvement in food growth and distribution, the improvement in health care and the drop in the rate of infant mortality caused the explosive growth that we see taking place today.

In an in depth study of the events of the end times revealed to us in the book of the Revelation there are two episodes that tell us about the slaughter of men of such proportions that they stagger the mind of man.

In Revelation 6:8 there is recorded an event that says one sixth of the earths population will be destroyed. That would be about 1 billion 166 million people destroyed because of this one great plague. If we subtract 1,166,000,000 from 7,000,000,000 it would leave about 5,834,000,000. Now, let’s look at Revelation 9:18 and the scriptures say there will be another great time of destruction where one third of the population of the earth will be destroyed. If you take one third of 5,250,000,000 it would be about 1,944,000,000. With these two devastating losses of life the new population of the earth would be about 3,890,000,000.

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