In a previous article we tried to describe the great flood of Noah’s day. In the Old Testament book of Genesis 6:7-8 we see the biblical account of the great judgment of God. It is important that we look into the family background and gather some information that will shed light upon Noah and the building of the Ark.

Noah’s grandfather was called Enoch. He was the seventh generation from
Adam. The scriptures tell us that Enoch walked with God. That can only mean that Enoch had a close personal fellowship with Enoch had a close personal fellowship with God. The scriptures say the Enoch was a righteous man. God was searching for a man who would obey Him and have fellowship with Him. An interesting thing happened to Enoch; his wife conceived and had a baby son. As was the custom in the Old Testament times they were directed by God to choose a name for their new baby. God impressed upon them and Enoch chose the name Methuselah. The name being interpreted means “when he dies the judgment of God comes”. This happy occasion completely rejuvenated Enoch and he started walking with God in close fellowship. After a period of time the scripture says Enoch “was not”; that God took him. This literally means that Enoch did not die but God translated him and took him to paradise.

The old African-American preacher explained it like this, “One day God and Enoch were out walking and it was starting to get dark. God said to Enoch, ‘it is a lot closer to your house so why don’t you just come on home with me’.” This is a beautiful picture in the Old Testament of the great event we are looking forward to that is called the rapture of the saints.

We go from Enoch to his son Methuselah and from Methuselah to Lemach . Lemach was the father of Noah. Remember the name Methuselah’s awesome meaning, “When he dies the judgment of God will fall.” An interesting fact about all the Old Testament patriarchs is that Methuselah had the longest life span of any man to ever walk the face of this earth. Methuselah lived 965 years and the same year that he died the great flood of Noah came upon the earth.

Noah’s ark was a tremendously large box measuring 45 feet long, 76 feet high and about 45 feet wide. The scripture says it was made of gopher wood. That is the name of a pre-flood type of tree. We only know that it was a vey hard and durable wood. The Ark was made with one window for observation and some kind of opening around the top that could lit in air but could keep out the water. The Ark would have had tremendous space for storage of food and necessities for the animals and the people. We know, according to the scriptures, that God caused the animals to come into the Ark of their own accord. The animals came in, the scripture say, the male and his female in ranks of two by two.

There was one division in the type of animals there were the ceremonial clean animals that were qualified to be sacrificial offerings; these came in pairs of sevens. We must assume that God tamed the vicious carnivorous beasts and caused them to revert to the kind there were before the curse of sin came upon the animal kingdom. God may not have taken some of the huge dinosaurs or huge mammals. He could have caused Noah and his sons to bring in young animals or even eggs of some of the different species. This is another of the areas in the Old Testament that we need to believe God and trust that He did the right thing.

God sealed the Ark and directed it by His might hand. It survived the great storms and the tempestuous waves and Noah and his passengers all survived. The scriptures say the Ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat. Noah and his family were almost a full year living in the Ark and God took care of them and all the animals. The animals were allowed to leave the Ark and God blessed them and said this should be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth.

In recent years some photos from outer space and other bits of information has brought about a renewed interest in the resting place of the Ark of Noah. Many believe it is resting place of the Ark of Noah. Many believe it is locked in an ice glacier upon the side of the Mt. Ararat which is located in the country of Turkey. There is still much mystery about this sighting and it is still not universally believed. The evidence is very strong that the Ark has been rediscovered. It will be up to God’s timing when this archeological finding will be finally revealed to all mankind.

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