The great flood of antiquity came upon the earth about 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. According to the genealogy of the Anti-Deluvion generation there was approximately 2,200 years from the creation of Adam until the time of the great flood. From the birth of Christ until this present year of 2011 there are about 2,000 years. By adding those figures together we can come up with a rough estimate of the years that have passed since God created the earth and placed man upon it.

Many modern day Bible teachers do not believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible teaching about the flood. One of their reasons for misunderstanding this Old Testament teaching is they believe the physical condition of the earth has always been like it is today. The correct understanding of the Holy Scripture, in fact, teaches just the opposite.

The Bible teaches that when God created the earth that He spoke and separated the waters and He caused a firmament to appear. We would call this firmament our atmosphere. He first lifted up the waters and placed some of them above the atmosphere. He went ahead with the refashioning of the earth and separated the dry land from the seas and set the boundary upon the oceans so they would not overflow the dry land. This produced a very different kind of atmosphere around the earth than what we have today. It produced an atmosphere very rich in oxygen and was an especially favorable place for animals and vegetables to grow.

For the first 2,000 years or so this world was a very different kind of habitation than it is now. The uplifted waters acted as a shield from the rays of the sun. This cut down on the harmful effects of solar rays upon animal life. The uplifted waters were like a shroud around the earth that would have produced a uniform climate over the entire globe. The earth was spinning on its axis like it does today with one great exception; the earth was not tilted, but stayed upon a perpendicular position on its axis and there was no great slant. This would have caused the heat from the sun to arrive in a uniform manner.

That fact along with the canopy of water acting as a shield and with every part of the earth receiving the same warmth from the sun would have produced an environment just like the scriptures teach. Animal life would have been greatly changed by this environment. Mankind would have lived a much longer life span. The condition of the earth would have been very radically different than it is today. God spoke directly to Noah and told him that the wickedness of man was so great that He was going to destroy mankind from the face of the earth.

God gave Noah 120 years to build the ark. The ark was the first vessel ever built to act as a floating ship to house all the different species of animals that lived upon dry land. The ark was about 450 ft. long, 76 ft. high and 45 ft. wide. That would have been about half the size of a modern ocean going liner.

God commanded Noah and his wife and Noah’s three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives to enter the ark. They had all the animals, all the food they would need and the scripture says that God shut the door and after seven days the earth received its’ first rain fall.

There were three main sources of water that caused the great flood. The first was called the rain. That would be like modern day rain. The second source was called the windows of heaven. God opened the water that was lifted above the earth and it poured down. The old Hebrew word to describe it is “like the sluice boxes of heaven”. The third source of water was called the fountains of the deep. That literally means the bottom of the ocean floor was lifted up and caused the earth to be completely covered. If we will be reminded, the earth in all likelihood was one solid land mass. This situation can explain how God caused the entire land to be covered by the great flood. There are many other scientific facts that lend support to the Bible account of a great universal flood. One of those is that there are sea shells and fossils of sea life upon the tops of very high mountains.

In a different article we can look at the Biblical explanation of the modern day continents and oceans the way the Bible teaches in the book of Hebrews 11:7. “By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not see as yet, moved with fear, preparing an ark to the saving of his house…..”

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