The story of Noah is another Old Testament historical event that many skeptics of the Bible try to refute. They think the laws of modern day science have always been exactly the same. One of the problems they face is that they do not believe in an omnipotent and all-knowing God. They take geographical shape of the continents today and make the assumption that they have always been in the same condition.

The Bible does not teach that everything has always been just like it is today. In fact, the Bible clearly teaches that the very laws of nature were changed due to the happenings of God’s judgment upon the earth. Before the flood the Bible indicated there was one land mass that was surrounded by water. The atmosphere was different because there was a heavy dew-like atmosphere that was much heavier and was undoubtedly much richer in oxygen. The earth was protected from the harmful atomic rays the sun gives off. This gave a completely different environment than we experience today. This would allow animals to grow bigger, men to live longer and vegetation to be much denser.

God warned Noah, a man that found grace in the eyes of the Lord, of the coming flood. God instructed Noah and his three sons how to build the Ark. It was a tremendous undertaking. It was to be made of gopher wood. There were three floors. This huge boat was designed by God and would be adequate to hold all the animals and enough food to last them almost one full year. It took Noah and his three sons one hundred and twenty years to build this huge boat. The scripture indicates that all of the inhabitants of the land where Noah and his family lived came and mocked Noah. I’m sure they called him “Crazy Noah” because he believed God. The Bible in the book of Hebrews calls Noah a righteous person and he moved by faith to save his family.

In the book of Genesis Enoch, Noah’s grandfather believed the promise of God, walked with God in faith and before God brought judgment on the earth God took Enoch up to heaven in a supernatural way. This is a direct type in the Old Testament of an event we are looking for in this modern time. That is called the rapture of the believers of Christ. The Apostle Paul said in I Thessalonians 4, “then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, and so shall we ever be with the Lord”.

Noah is a type of the Jewish nation that will be supernaturally protected and brought through the last three and one half years of the great tribulation period that is yet to come in the future.

The true story of Noah and the great flood is another Old Testament example for modern day people to turn in faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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